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BUS 365 Week 1 Assignment Innovative Organizations

Innovative Organizations. In a two- to three-page paper (not including the title and reference pages), research an organization you consider innovative. Describe the elements that make the organization innovative. Explain how innovation has contributed to the organization’s competitive advantage in the marketplace. Your paper must use at least two scholarly sources, in addition to the […]

ECO 203 Week 1 DQ 1 Economics Systems

Economics Systems. Discuss how your college education could be considered an investment in human capital. What is the opportunity cost of your degree? Reference: Chapter 1, section 1.1: Economics and Chapter 2, section 2.1: Limited Resources. Guided Response: Review and respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts by replying to their posts on […]

BUS 318 Week 1 Quiz

1.Which of the following statements about stakeholders is false? 2. According to the social traits literature, __________ individuals are oriented toward conformity and try to accommodate themselves to other people. 3. __________, a Dutch scholar and consultant, refers to culture as the “software of the mind.” 4. Which of the following statements about perception is NOT accurate? 5. Henry […]

PSY 325 Week 3 DQ 2 Repeated Measures

Repeated Measures. Review Chapter 7 of your course text, which reviews inferential statistics that analyze experiments of repeated measures designs. For this discussion, search the Ashford University Library and find a scholarly, peer-reviewed study on any behavioral or social sciences topic that used a repeated measures design. Reference the study and summarize the research question, […]


ECON214 Module 7 Problem Set 6 (Liberty University) What impact do natural resources have on economic growth? Will it be possible for a country with few natural resources to grow rapidly? Why or why not. Suppose you have just been appointed to a high level position in the economic analysis unit of the State Department. […]

CRJ 303 Week 1 DQ 1 Goals of Sentencing

Discussion Question 1: Describe each of the five goals of sentencing; create a list of the favorable and unfavorable consequences, focusing on each. Explain your answers in at least 200 – 250 words. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

Ashford ECE 351 Week 3 Assignment Culture’s Contribution to Play

In this week’s discussions, you have explored play in relation to culture and have examined personalities of play, including your own. In this week’s assignment, you will learn more about culture as it relates to play, which can help you further refine your personal framework of play that  you have been developing in this course. […]

Ashford ECE 312 ECE/312 ECE312 WEEK 1 JOURNAL

ECE 312 Week 1 Journal / Administration of Early Childhood Education Programs Week One Journal. Why is it important to have a dedicated and knowledgeable leader in an early childhood education setting? Describe two to three qualities that you feel are critical for such a leader to possess. Draw either from your own experiences working […]

CIS 170 iLab 2 of 7: Decisions

Lab # CIS CIS170C-A2 Lab 2 of 7: Decisions Lab Overview – Scenario/Summary You will code, build, and execute two programs requiring decisions. The first program will determine the smaller of two numbers input on the screen. The second program will calculate the shipping charge based on the purchase amount input on the screen. Learning […]


OMM 622 Week 4 Assignment Cash Flow Statement – Ford Motor Company Cash Flow Statement – Ford Motor Company. In a two- to three-page paper (not including the title and reference pages), explain the purpose of a cash flow statement and how it reflects the firm’s financial status. Include important points that an analyst would use […]

AC 503 AC503 Unit 2 North Face Inc

AC 503 Unit 2 North Face Inc (Kaplan University) 1)    Should auditors insist that their clients accept all proposed audit adjustments, even those that have an “immaterial” effect on the given financial statements? Defend your answer. 1)    Should auditors take explicit measures to prevent their clients from discovering or becoming aware of the materiality thresholds used on […]